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Recueil de législation Droit fiscal I & II août 2021

Les praticiens de la fiscalité et les étudiants trouveront dans le présent Recueil de législation les principaux textes indispensables, respectivement, à la mise en oeuvre et à l’apprentissage du droit fiscal. Le présent recueil contient une large sélection de textes normatifs se rapportant aux impôts directs et indirects en vigueur en Belgique, en ce compris…

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Law books customized to your organization’s standards and wishes, professional literature and specialized magazines, both on paper and digitally accessible.

KnopsBooks and KnopsEdu are mutually reinforcive through an interactive model and parallel transaction of knowledge. Both the author’s and docent’s knowledge are guaranteed maximum online visibility through the legal topicality forum



KnopsEdu offers practice-centered, accredited training sessions for notaries,bailiffs, attorneys, government officials and cities and communities, both on location and online through webinars, in mutual agreement with field experts.

Sessions are organized in limited capacity groups to ensure a maximized interaction between participants and speaker.



Would you like to maximize your visibility as a legal or taks professional?

KnopsMedia offers a balanced multimedia approach to share your in-house expertise and services with an online network consisting of more than 55.000 readers, through our websites and

By doing so, we are able to reinforce your reputation within the world of legal and tax. KnopsMedia unburdens you from – often difficult – tasks concerning communication, so that you are being allowed to fully focus on your clients.



Online knowledge management system for legal, tax and financial offices, firms and/or organizations.

Knowlex responds to all your needs concerning document management  through distinctive usability, combined with thoroughly demanding security conditions and a powerful search engine.